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1 Advancement of Pharmacy reliefs at the American Institute of Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. (1303)
2215 Constitution Ave NW (American Pharmacists Association Bldg)
Goode area: Foggy Bottom
2 BYRD, Richard Evelyn: Statue (ca. 1961) on Memorial Drive outside Arlington Nat'l Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia near Washington D.C. (5090)
At the approach to
Goode area: Virginia suburbs
3 DAGUERRE, Louis: Memorial at the Smithsonian Nat'l Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. (424)
F & 7th Sts. NW
Goode area: Judiciary Square
4 EINSTEIN, Albert: Statue at the Nat'l Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. (1310)
Constitution Ave. & 22nd St NW (N of Const, E of 22nd - Nat'l Academy of Sciences)
Goode area: Foggy Bottom
5 ERICSSON, John: Monument (ca. 1926) near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (1242)
Independence Ave & Ohio Drive SW (directly south of Lincoln Memorial)
Goode area: Potomac Park
6 FRANKLIN, Benjamin: Statue at the Old Post Office in Washington, D.C. (620)
Pennsylvania Ave. & 12th St NW (S of Penn, E of 12th)
Goode area: Pennsylvania Ave
7 HAHNEMANN, Samuel: Memorial (ca. 1900) east of Scott Circle in Washington, D.C. (1740)
Massachusetts Ave. & 16th
Goode area: Massachusetts Av
8 HENRY, Joseph: Memorial at the Smithsonian "Castle" in Washington, D.C. (449)
Jefferson Drive & 10th St NW
Goode area: The Mall
9 MARCONI, Guglielmo: Statue north of Meridian Hill Park in Washington, D.C. (1825)
16th & Lemont Sts NW
Goode area: Sixteenth St
10 MARCONI, Guglielmo memorial plaque on the road to the Coit Tower (Telegraph Hill) in San Francisco, California (118)
Telegraph Hill Blvd near Kearney St
11 MARCONI, Guglielmo: Statue at Casa Italiana in Washington, D.C. (6006)
595 1/2 3rd St NW
Goode area: Judiciary Square
12 Montreal Botanical Gardens: MARIE-VITORIN, Brother (Conrad Kirouac) statue in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (8350)
Rue Sherbrooke & Blvd Pie-IX
13 Miss Baker (Squirrel Monkey) gravesite at U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama (5382)
One Tranquility Base
14 Nat'l Academy of Sciences: Progress of Science reliefs in Washington, D.C. (1305)
Constitution Ave. & 22nd St NW
Goode area: Foggy Bottom
15 Wireless telephone message (first): Plaque marking the location of Bell's experiment near Franklin Park in Washington, D.C. (1693)
K & 13th Sts. NW (On Franklin School)
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