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Union Station

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  1. Union Station Plaza: WASHINGTON, George; Plaque marking houses in Washington, D.C. (plaque - dcMem# 80)
    Constitution & Delaware Aves NW

  2. Union Station: ALLEN, William F: Plaque in the West Hall in Washington, D.C. (plaque - dcMem# 10)
    Massachusetts Ave. & 1st St NE

  3. Union Station: American Legion Freedom Bell in Washington, D.C. (bell - dcMem# 50)
    Massachusetts & Louisiana Aves NE

  4. Union Station: Centurion statues in Washington, D.C. (statue - dcMem# 20)
    Massachusetts Ave. & 1st St NE

  5. Union Station: COLUMBUS, Christopher: Memorial Fountain (1912) in Washington, D.C. (major memorial - dcMem# 30)
    Massachusetts & Delaware Aves NW

  6. Union Station: Railroading, Progress of statues (1908) in Washington, D.C. (statue - dcMem# 32)
    Massachusetts & Delaware Aves NW

  7. Union Station: Senate Garage Fountain Washington, D.C. (fountain - dcMem# 90)
    North Capital & D Sts

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