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Washington National Cathedral

Click here for pictures of the 8/23/2011 earthquake damage. The cathedral must raise millions of dollars to repair this uninsured damage. To donate, click here & look for the "Help Repair the Cathedral" section.

Below tower level left to right are
North Transept Portal -- North Nave (gargoyles) -- West Facade
Towers left to right are
Gloria in Excelsis
Saint Peter (NW) (E -- N -- W gargoyles) -- Saint Paul (SW)
(W -- S -- E gargoyles)
On the opposite side of the cathedral (not visible) are
South Transept Portal (gargoyles) -- South Nave (gargoyles)

The links in parentheses above are to the 'Gargoyle Viewing Area(s)' associated with a given section of the cathedral
To see all 112 gargoyles, go to the Gargoyles Page

Click on each labeled feature below to view close ups
of the individual sculptures on the west facade (left) & the south transept portal (right).

The West Facade ------ The South Transept Portal

Click on each labeled feature to view close ups.

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